Investigating Māori approaches to trauma-informed care

Leonie Pihama, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Rihi Te Nana, Ngaropi Cameron, Tania Mataki, Herearoha Skipper, Hinewirangi Kohu, Kim Southey


This article gives an overview of a three year Health Research Council funded research project ‘He oranga ngākau: Māori approaches to trauma-informed care’. The study is informed by Kaupapa Māori which provides both the theoretical and methodological foundation for understanding the world, exploring and conceptualising issues. The need for contextualised and culturally safe health and social services is well recognised within Aotearoa and particularly within Mental Health and Addiction Services.  While trauma is an experience that can impact on all people, Māori experience trauma in distinct ways that are linked to the experience of colonisation, racism and discrimination, negative stereotyping and subsequent unequal rates of violence, poverty and ill health.  Given that Māori are impacted by trauma in specific ways, it is important to explore and identify practice principles that contribute to the development of a framework that supports Māori Providers, counsellors, clinicians and healers in working with Māori.


Māori health and wellbeing, Māori trauma, kaupapa Māori, Māori trauma informed care, Indigenous approaches, Māori healing, rangahau

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