He waipuna koropupū: Taranaki Māori wellbeing and suicide prevention

Ngaropi Cameron, Leonie Pihama, Jocelyn Millard, Awhina Cameron, Bry Kopu


The research project He Waipuna Koropupū aimed to explore and share a knowledge base that could inform practice in relation to Taranaki Māori suicide.  The project was grounded upon the notion that through Taranaki knowledge and information we can make significant changes in our approach to life and to our whānau relationships. The project was primarily about whānau ora and the wellbeing of future generations; through the reclamation and sharing of Taranaki Māori knowledge that can support intergenerational change and transformation.  Taranaki Māori whānau (extended family groupings), hapū (subtribal grouping) and iwi (tribal grouping) deserve access to Kaupapa Māori approaches in order to help reclaim and inform decision making processes.


Taranaki, intergenerational, Kaupapa Māori, Māori wellbeing, suicide prevention

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